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4 August 2009
Firefox downloads - one billion and counting

Firefox logo

Mozilla’s free internet browser Firefox has been downloaded more than a billion times since it was launched in November 2004.

Microsoft Internet Explorer continues to dominate the browser market with a global share of about 57% though Mozilla Firefox comes in second with nearly 32%, according to the latest figures from StatCounter Global Stat.

To celebrate the achievement, Mozilla launched a new One Billion + You site for Firefox users that reflects “the wonders of the Web”.

“One notable thing is the first half of the billion took about 3 years and a half, while the second one less than a year and a half, due to Firefox popularity reflected in the global market share increase, currently hovering 30%,” a Mozilla blog post stated.

The number of downloads is not related to the number of Firefox users though, which is currently estimated to be around 250 million.


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