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9 January 2010
World waits for rumoured Google Phone…again

Google is rumoured to take on the likes of the Apple iPhone and RIM BlackBerry by launching its own smartphone in a special invitation-only Android event.

In 2007, hype surrounding a ‘Google Phone' turned out to be the launch of their Android open mobile platform. Several manufacturers including Samsung, HTC and Motorola have already released models operating Android, with Google taking a backseat on the hardware side of things.

Now reports are swirling that the Google Phone is finally here. Respected tech blog Engadget.com has already done a hands-on review of the phone, codenamed ‘Nexus One', with photos being leaked online over recent weeks. None however show the manufacturer name on the phone's exterior.

Nexus One is said to be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon, operates Android and is built by HTC. One key difference between the Nexus and the iPhone or BlackBerry is the fact it is not expected to be tied to any one telecom carrier and that Google plans to sell the phone directly to consumers unlocked.

Citing leaked documents, another tech blog Gizmodo claimed the Nexus One will cost $530 unlocked but will also come with the option of two-year service agreement with T-Mobile for $180.

Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney however remains sceptical that Google would launch a self-branded phone since the firm wouldn't want to risk rubbing other manufacturers that come out with Android devices the wrong way.


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