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22 June 2010
Source: iPhone 4 will launch in UAE by year end

The new iPhone 4 won't be officially available in the Middle East until the end of this year, says the CEO of online store EmiratesAvenue.com

"Like for the iPad which is still not sold by Apple in the UAE, the iPhone 4 should be sold only by the end of the year or maybe even later, from the information we have now," Julien Pascual, CEO of EmiratesAvenue.com told itp.net.

EmiratesAvenue.com is presently accepting early orders for iPhone 4 smartphones, sourced from the United Kingdom and France, for AED 3,499 (16GB) and AED 3,999 (32GB).

"Currently we had over 200 pre-orders for the iPhone 4. We should receive the first pieces on the first week of July," said Pascual. "The iPhone 4 has more pre-orders than the iPad for the same period of time so we can expect a higher demand".

EmiratesAvenue.com's iPhone 4 prices are more than double the $299 and $199 launch prices announced through contract with AT&T Wireless in the United States. Pascual however say they closely match the $915 price tag (AED 3,360) of unlocked units announced by Apple, especially after factoring in customs and shipping costs. If the phones come unlocked from the factory it can essentially be used with any carrier, including UAE mobile operators Du and Etisalat.

Online retailers AlShop.com, who witnessed ‘crazy demand' for the iPad tablet in the UAE, are also accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 4 but have not divulged exact pricing as yet. CEO Sheriff Rizwan estimates the iPhone 4 16GB will cost around AED 4,000 to 5,000, with the 32GB costing a few hundred dirhams more.


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