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25 May 2009
Microsoft loses yet another patent wrangle

Microsoft has been ordered by a district court in Texas to pay $200 million in damages to a Toronto-based technology company for infringing on their patent.

i4i sued Microsoft in March last year for violating their patent related to technology that allows manipulation of document content and architecture separately.

i4i claims that Microsoft’s Office and Windows Vista products infringe on this, though Microsoft vehemently denies any misconduct.
"The evidence clearly demonstrated that we do not infringe and that the i4i patent is invalid," a Microsoft spokesman told Reuters. "We believe this award of damages is legally and factually unsupported, so we will ask the court to overturn the verdict."

The ruling is another blow for the world’s largest software maker - Just last month, it was found guilty of patent infringement with an anti-piracy tool developer Uniloc Inc. and ordered to pay $338 million in damages. The company is also appealing that verdict.


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