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20 July 2010
Mobile publishing platform launched in UAE

Mobimag reader application can be downloaded for free and is compatible with a range of phones

Digital media solutions firm Mobivision, a wholly owned subsidiary of Arabi Holding Group, has launched their mobile publishing platform in the Middle East.

The Mobimag platform and corresponding reader application comes with multi-lingual support and took close to two years to develop in-house. The application, once downloaded and accessed, provides the same experience of printed media, but with additional enhancements such as video, audio and animations for more interactivity.

"Our vision is to create a huge digital hub worldwide," said Ibrahim Darraz, general manager, Mobivision at the launch of Mobimag in Dubai today.

Mobimag is presently supported on 240 different mobile phones from Nokia, Samsung, LG and more, and will be compatible with RIM's BlackBerry in August and the Apple iPhone in September this year. It can be downloaded free of charge from www.mobimag.ae and requires an active data connection to get the latest content.

The firm is also working hard on developing a special iPad version.

"We will have a version for the iPad but we can't say when it will be launched," said Feras Younes, product manager of Mobimag. "What we're preparing for iPad is something that's never been done before. We're trying to take the iPad as a big screen platform and make it as interactive as we can; make the newspaper or magazine page really speak."

There are two business models local publishers can choose from - one is paying a Mobimag a leasing free depends on the size of the magazine and content involved, and the other involves sharing advertising revenue.

And while Mobimag is focused on ‘mobilising' print content, Younes adds that there are already plans in place for the next stage.

"We have another section coming soon; it's a digital version where we can take digital content sources and not only print. We wanted to focus on print first to give print what it's really missing - distribution and spread - but by the beginning of 2011 we'll have some online sources also."


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