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13 September 2012
Samsung to sue Apple over iPhone 5 4G connectivity


As San Francisco's Wednesday press launch of the new iPhone draws near, Samsung has chosen to dampen Apple's party mood by suing the manufacturer under patent infringement laws for alleged use of long-term evolution (LTE) connectivity in the forthcoming smartphones.

The iPhone 5 is expected to feature the high-performance 4G wireless networking for which the South Korean manufacturer holds the third-highest number of patents after Nokia and Qualcomm, according to Thompson-Reuters figures.

Having last month announced a pledge of legal remedies if Apple was to release any LTE-enabled products, Samsung reached the decision to act after reports on Monday of LTE capability on the iPhone 5.

"Samsung has decided to take immediate legal action," and industry source told the Korea Times. Europe and the United States "are our primary targets," the source said.

Image credit: iphoneinformer.com


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